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2022 Title - Hunter the Paper SAR Dog.png

Make your own paper model of Hunter The Search Dog! He's 4 inches tall and 6 inches long, including his tail.

What You Need:

  • Download the Hunter the Paper SAR Dog and print it out. Get it here. (Opens in a new window or tab.)

  • A good pair of scissors.

  • Clear tape - shiny or transparent.

  • A glue stick.

Follow the instructions on the paper. Be sure to cut on the outline and the red lines only.

Hints and Tips

  • Be patient! Hunter is not easy to cut out and put together. If you need help, ask an older person for help.

  • Build each half separately. Then put them together.

  • Use tape to put Hunter together. For those hard to get to places near the end, use the glue stick.

  • Share with your friends! Make copies or send Hunter to your friends. You have Hunter's permission.

Hunter Paper SAR Dog 1.jpg
Hunter Paper SAR Dog 2.jpg
Hunter Paper SAR Dog 3.jpg
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