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     Hunter and the entire Jefferson County Search Dog Association Team understand the importance of education. Training is an essential part of search and rescue and understanding the dogs and their skills is needed. JCSDA is committed to educating the public in search and rescue and safety awareness. Participating in local events and visiting groups, organizations and schools is our way to reach out to the community.

     We would enjoy visiting your school and talking about what we do - we will also bring a dog or two. Please contact Bud Dixon by phone at 502 314-0061 or email us at

Below are some Lesson Plans and some JCSDA activity and safety booklets and flyers. We encourage the use of these free materials for classroom instruction and education. The Lesson Plans were written by Mrs. Kennetha Schmits, a first grade teacher at St. Nicholas Academy near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Notice of Duplication and Distribution: All material is free and may be distributed and/or photocopied for educational purposes.

We encourage the duplication and distribution of our materials for education.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan #1 Dogs Have Special Parts
Lesson Plan #1 Work Sheet
Lesson Plan #2 Dog Senses vs Human Senses Venn Diagram
Lesson Plan #2 How Dog Senses Compare to Ours
Lesson Plan #3 Working Dogs - Search and Rescue
Lesson Plan - Activities for Fun or Workshop

Jefferson County Search Dog Association Childrens' Materials

All About Search and Rescue Dogs
Hunter's Air Scent Training
Hunter's HRD Training (HRD - Human Remains Detection)
Hunter's Wilderness Tips Flyer (Color)
Hunter's Wilderness Tips Flyer (Black & White)
Be Ready! Safety Activity Book Featuring Hunter the Search Dog
    Answer Sheet - Disaster Preparedness
    Answer Sheet - How Hunter & Uffda Search
    Answer Sheet - Hunter's Survival Kit
    Answer Sheet - Obstacle Training Maze

Jefferson County Search Dog Association Materials

Jefferson County Search Dog Association Brochure
JCSDA Disaster Strike Team Flyer
SAR Dog Fact Sheet

Materials for Discussing Jobs of Human Remains Detection Dogs

Lesson Plan 1 - The End of Life - Designed by Erica Brown*
Lesson Plan 2 - The Language of Death & Grief - Designed by Jill Adams*
     * Produced for a training workshop of the CBC
Talking to Children about Death
     Patient Information Publications, Clinical Center National Institutes of Health

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