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Be Ready! Safety Activity Book Featuring Hunter the Search Dog

More fun stuff about SAR Dogs, how to be ready for emergencies and me!

There are lots of pictures, coloring pages and activities!

  • Read and see pictures of Search And Rescue Dogs training.

  • ​Find out what skills Search Dogs have.

  • Join me and Uffda as we and our handlers search for a missing girl.

  • See if you can fill in the blanks about how Uffda and I find lost kids.

  • Learn how to stay safe with my Wilderness Safety Tips.

  • Follow the numbers and draw my picture.

  • Get to know why a dog's nose is so special for searching.

  • Enjoying coloring pictures of me and my teammates.

  • Train me to take direction by guiding me through an obstacle maze.

  • Look for items in my Survival Kit with a word search.

  • Match up the hazards with the bad weather in the Weather Hazard Word Association.

  • Read about the best breeds for SAR Dogs and see pictures of our dog team.

  • Fill our I.D. is Me with your parents. If you get lost, the search team will know all about you.

  • When you're done, you've earned Hunter's Safety Team Award. This certificate has a place for YOUR NAME letting everyone know you are for unexpected situations and know how to stay safe!"

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That's what it takes to be on Hunter's Safety Team -

you have to Be Ready! Do you know how to be ready in emergencies and how to stay safe?

That's what my Safety Activity Book is all about.

There's lots of fun inside, too.

It's FREE and when you do the activities

you can be part of my Safety Team!

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