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For a SAR Dog, training and working are really the same. All of us enjoy following our handler's commands and we always try to do our best. To us dogs, it's just like a game. And when we do our work right, we always get our handler's praise and sometimes a treat or a toy. A nice piece of sausage is always a great reward, ​but I really like getting to play with my favorite toy - my green tennis ball.

We have to be prepared with lots of skills for a real search and rescue.


In the first picture, Ranger is practicing to climbg at a steep angle.


Ester Lou gets skilled on walking uneven surfaces in the other picture.


We work on things we might have to do during a real search and rescue.

Bart leaps through a window.

Ranger is jumping over an obstacle.

On an uneven platform, Foster works on his balancing.

Both Ranger and Bart practice climbing downhill.


It's important to not go down too fast and to stay steady and on your feet at all times. SAR Dogs can't be helpful if we roll down hills and get hurt. It takes a lot of practice to do this safely.


Our training teaches us to be prepared in any kind of an emergency so we can help others in a disaster.


We never know where a search and rescue may take us. We use our skills and know our job.


Our job is important and knowing what we do helps us save the lives of others.


No matter where a search and rescue takes us, the training and team work of the handlers and SAR dogs plays a valuable role in the success of our work.


Search and rescue operation requires drive, stamina, training, skills and a lot of work. We have to be dedicated to what we do and able to learn what it takes to stay safe and be prepared to assist those who cannot help themselves.


Most of all, it takes teamwork - working together for the benefit of others. Our reward is in what we do and SAR Dogs are proud to be part of a very special group of volunteers ready to help... and we dogs enjoy doing it, too!


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